Shelander & Associates, Inc.


  • Georgia Broker License #2128
  • Activities consist of Real Estate Brokerage, Land Development, Insurance Agency and Investments.
  • Former president of Brunswick Glynn County Real Estate Board. Currently active member.
  • American National Bank of Brunswick: Served as director for 25 years (it is now owned by Bank of America).
  • Insurance: Started independent insurance agency, which was merged into Palmer & Cay, Inc., now Turner & Associates Insurance.
  • Real Estate Brokerage: President and owner of Shelander & Associates, Inc., a real estate agency started in 1952.
  • 2014 Alfred W. Jones award for “Dedicated Leadership and Outstanding Service to Brunswick and the Golden Isles.”


  • Country Club Park: Owner and developer of 50 acres (100 lots) adjacent to the Brunswick Country Club. Had personal home and lived there until all property sold.
  • St Simons Heights: Developed and sold 100 lots.
  • Sterling Industrial Park: With partners owned 250 acres. Sold mostly to small manufacturing companies located near U.S. Highway 341.
  • 17-95 Corporation: Organized, was president of and sold approximately 1000 acres at Exit 29 on 1-95.
  • Downtown Brunswick: With partners, bought, developed and sold approximately 2 blocks of the downtown section.
  • Burger King: With several investor partners, developed and sold 4 Burger Kings.
  • Little Cumberland Island: My family with others owned this 2,400-acre barrier island (Little Cumberland Island) in Camden County. As a broker, I transacted its sale. The island is being developed in a very environmentally sensitive manner.
  • Campground: Developed and sold KOA Campground.


  • Approximately 160 acres (Scarlett Tract near Exit 29 on 1-95)
  • Approximately 15 acres from lending institution to Hospital Corporation of America
  • As principal and broker, brought and sold 150 acres in Camden County
  • A number of miscellaneous sales such as Popeye’s Chicken, medical buildings, a nursing home, banks, churches, motels, etc.
  • 617 acres Cooper Tract (near Sutherland Bluff) adjacent to Sapelo Hammock Golf Course — co-op sale of $2,227,000.
  • 390 acres, International Paper to J.D. Benefield III, NW quadrant of Glynn County.
  • Active in real estate sales with Branigar Corporation (International Paper Co.). Negotiated a sale of 2,055 acres to Wildlife Realty Associates.
  • 2005 – Negotiated transaction of over 1,000 acres in Glynn County.
  • Involved in sale as agent of 58 acres in City of Brunswick – S.C. regional developer with “big boxes” – Lowe’s, Target, etc. (approximately $100,000 development).
  • As agent – Walgreens at St. Simons (Torras) Causeway
  • Co-oped a sale of 1,928 acres in Glynn County (Liz Hill)
  • Recent commercial co-oped sales available upon request
  • Involved in several pending contracts and commercial listings